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Part of our Team representing Philadelphia, LA, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Phoenix, Delaware, London and France. All of our instructors began as students.




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Media Coverage

The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women® has been featured in many publications. Here's a sampling of articles related to AOED videos and classes.

Entertainment Tonight: Sheryl Lee's Weekend Wedding!
Here comes the bride! ET has been with actress SHERYL LEE RALPH every step of the way as she planned the fairytale wedding of the summer to Pennsylvania State Senator VINCENT HUGHES. The lavish ceremony happened over the weekend in Los Angeles, and from the flowers and the dress to the walk down the aisle, the kiss and the all-night party, ET was there to capture every lasting memory! We were even at Sheryl Lee's luxurious bridal shower where the bridesmaids learned a new skill: exotic dancing! Read the Story

Exotic Dancing Provides Great Workout: Class To Come To Houston
It's a whole new way to work out while exercising your sexier side. Exotic dancing has become one of the hottest workout trends in the nation and now it's coming to Houston, Local 2 reported Saturday. Read the Story

FIRST PERSON: I AM Woman, Watch Me Strip! D Magazine
I shed my inhibitions and discovered the secret to self-acceptance at an exotic-dance class in Southlake. Read the Story

Finding the Inner Beauty of the 'Everyday Woman' The Southlake Journal
In the movie "True Lies," Jamie Lee Curtis portrays a nerdish housewife married to a suave master spy played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. In one of the movie's funniest scenes, the shy and awkward wife is called upon to do a provocative dance. It goes poorly at first. Slowly, she becomes more and more confident. With just a little coaching, she eventually turns loose a performance that shocks her husband. I was intrigued by the thought of that and wondered if an average mom could actually pull off such an incredible stunt. Read the Story

Sexy Ed. 101: Self-confidence through The Art of Exotic Dancing Dallas Observer
The most insightful thing we've heard in a while is, in fact, something we really already knew. But when someone says something out loud, it's funny how the statement takes on more importance and relevance. Chatting with Clarissa Pierro, lead dance instructor for The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women, we had some revelations. Read the Story

Exotic class reveals your 'body rhythm' Philadelphia Daily News
IT MIGHT sound sleazy, but deep down inside, what woman doesn't wish she could move like those women at Delilah's Den?On an impulse, I decided to check a class on "The Art of Exotic Dancing" at The Society Hill Dance Studio. Read the Story

Dancing With Life A Woman's Own
Exotic dancing helped Carolyn Jones, 50, regain her confidence following her battle with breast cancer. Here, in her own words, she reveals that her fight isn't over yet, but that she's determined not to lose... Read the Story

Exotic Dancing - Exercise Has Never Been Sexier! Health & Fitness (UK)
Alix Miller dons her stilettos while learning to boost her confidence and move with sensuality. Read the Story

Breast Cancer Won't Stop Me Being Sexy Best Magazine
Caroline knows what it's like to feel insecure about her body. Three years ago, the mum of two found a lump in her left breast and was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.
Read the Story

Dance Your Way to Power Daily Star
I NEVER thought it would be so hard to look myself in the eye - and I hadn't even done anything wrong! But apparently eye contact is all important if you're going to master The Art of Exotic Dancing. Read the Story

Dance to Get Fit Family Circle
Exotic dancing, the latest fitness craze to come from the US, is easy. All you need to practice the art is a full-length mirror, high heels and a lock on your door! Read the Story

Work It Out, Baby - Strip and Pout New York Post
There are a million workouts in the naked city - but few call for a full-length mirror, stilettos and stairs. Read the Story

Dirty Dancing London Daily Mirror
Bored with Pilates? Can't be bothered with Salsa-cise? Well, there's a new exercise class on the way that will give you bags of confidence and a fit body...and your fella the shock of his life. Read the Story

Increase Your Allure to Him (PDF File, 476K) Today's Black Woman
We all want to know how to seduce our man better and longer than anyone else ever could. How to get him in the mood without so much as touching him with a finger... Read the Story

Striptease Therapy Carolina Morning News
Class featured in national television shows aims to help women build self-esteem through exotic dancing.
Read the Story

The Naked Truth: Art of Exotic Dancing Video Review (PDF file, 465K) Entertainment Weekly
My future as a stripper looks dim. I've just demonstrated some moves I learned from this saucy instructional/exercise tape, and a colleague has started humming the theme from Sanford and Son...
Read the Story

Media Releases

The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women®: Originators of the Dance Class Phenomenon
Forget About Your Typical Makeover Show, This is a Makeover From the Inside Out! First, it was a sellout monthly class at an adult learning center in a sleepy suburb of Philadelphia. Then, in 1999, The Philadelphia Inquirer did a story and today, thousands of women have taken the class, viewed the video and read the book on their own personal journey to self-empowerment and exploration. Read the Release

TIM KELLY AND LEAH STAUFFER: Creators – The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women®
With an eye to the future and a keen focus on the many opportunities that continue to arise from The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women® (AOED), creators Kelly and Stauffer are involved in all aspects of the day-to-day management of the business. Together, they offer a blend of entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, business acumen and practical experience. Read the Release

Leah Stauffer: Co-Creator of The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women
Leah Stauffer is the originator of the popular Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women®, the fitness and dance workshop that has dramatically changed women’s lives. Classes are held throughout the United States and England and the workout is available on the best-selling instructional video/DVD series.
Read the Release