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Exotic Dancing Provides Great Workout

Class To Come To Houston

POSTED: 2:20 pm CDT May 20, 2005
UPDATED: 9:47 pm CDT May 21, 2005

It's a whole new way to work out while exercising your sexier side. Exotic dancing has become one of the hottest workout trends in the nation and now it's coming to Houston, Local 2 reported Saturday.

Exotic Dance Workout Class
Women take an exotic dancing workout class.

The stripping class not only tones the outer body, but inner beauty as well, according to instructors.

Mothers, wives and working women traded in their comfortable shoes for stilettos and a boa.

All shapes, sizes and colors came together for the class that teaches striptease and much more.

"Wherever your hands are moving, your partner's eyes are going to move," instructor Clarissa Pierro said. "It opened my eyes up. I really saw, it's like, I have this inner beauty and there's this inner confidence."

Pierro originally started as a student. But after a few classes, she left her job at Dell Computers to help other women find their inner selves.

"You don't see yourself every day through the eyes of sensuality," Pierro said.

After the three-hour class, women not only leave feeling not only sensuous, but self-confident as well.

"You get to know yourself and it releases you," a student said.

"Now I feel like I can do anything," another student said.

Would you try stripaerobics?

Students said the class is fun and there is no competition.

"Forget the weight, man. I'm sexy. I'm going to have fun with this," another student said.

"Instead of having a negative relationship with yourself or the person next to you, it's turned into an embracing, 'I treasure you and I think that you are beautiful' and that is that transformation that you see,'" Pierro said.

The transformation involves bumps, grinds and boas. By the end of the class, the women leave with a dance routine and a hard workout.

This is what some of the students said.

"I felt like I just could be into myself and didn't have to worry about anything else, and just feel and move however I wanted to move."

"I had forgotten what if felt like to be me, the inner me. I've been too busy being a mother, a business owner, a community leader."

"It's stress-relieving. It really is."

"By the middle of this class, I was like, whatever, I still look good."

"This is work for your thighs."

"It's a great bun tightener. I think my buns look great after taking this course."

"(My man has) already said, 'I can't wait till you get back and show me all you've learned.'"

"I think I'll be wearing high heels to do the dishes now, answer the phone, walk around the house, do my laundry."

Classes start later this month in Houston or they are available on video.

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