Leah Stauffer - Co-Creator of The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women®
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Leah Stauffer is the originator of the popular Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women®, the fitness and dance workshop that has dramatically changed women’s lives. Classes are held throughout the United States and England and the workout is available on the best-selling instructional video/DVD series.

Also available for Interview are instructors as well as class participants!

Talk with these women and learn…

• Why “The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women” is a hot trend sweeping the United States and beyond.

• Why learning the key elements of exotic dancing will help women get in touch with their own inner beauty and build self-confidence and self-esteem.

• How women can learn to make a more positive impact as they enter a room with more confident walk, strong eye contact, and an invisible power to better control their own destiny and relationships.

• What many women say about the positive changes in their lives after completing the class and/or learning the techniques in the video.

• How “The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women” changed these women’s lives: Tammy, who was raised as a Mennonite and is now a massage therapist; Molly, a housewife with four kids, and Coralissa, a professional dancer.

• How women learn to create a non-competitive bond.

• Why women of all shapes and sizes feel transformed after taking this class.

• Learn the exercise benefits of better posture, stronger back, better abdominal muscles, firmer buttocks and more.

Partner – Philadelphia Films/Owner

Entrepreneur Leah Stauffer is a perfect case study for individuals who want to learn how to identify an opportunity and create a successful business. A business partner of Philadelphia Films and owner of The Learning Studio, both of which promote learning through the mediums of taking actual classes at a brick and mortar location and instructional learning through video, DVD and television, Leah’s myriad responsibilities have required her to be an author, film producer, director, business manager, teacher and spokesperson.

Leah’s resume reflects many awards and accomplishments. In 1997, she co-produced her first independent feature film in San Francisco, titled “Dumbarton Bridge” which received an award at the Santa Barbara Film Festival, and won top honors at the Rhode Island Film Festival.

In 1999, along with co-owner Timothy Kelly, Leah founded PHILADELPHIA FILMS to create, produce and distribute instructional videos (VHS and DVD) for release to home video markets and cable TV, both domestically and internationally. This film production company’s biggest project to date has been an instructional video, based on a sellout class at The Learning Studio, called “The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women®.” Over 50,000 units have been sold and dozens of new orders come in daily. Philadelphia Films released the second in The Art of Exotic Dancing series, “Develop Your Own Routine”, in the fourth quarter of 2003 and will release the third in the series in early 2004.

The positive response from the very mainstream women taking The Art of Exotic Dancing class has led to national and international press including CNN, The View, The Caroline Rhea Show, Inside Edition, Hardcopy, The Associated Press, Amazon, Elle, Entertainment Weekly, The Times, London and most recently “O” Magazine and Muscle and Fitness Magazine. Media coverage led to requests nationwide for classes and video sales have soared. By the end of 2004, classes will be offered in 55 locations throughout the United States and London.

Leah authored “The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women®”, which was released in May 2003 by Carlton Publishing and Andrews McMeel Distributors in the United States and released in the United Kingdom under the title, “Wild Workouts.”

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To schedule an interview with Leah Stauffer, or any of the instructors or participants, or if you would like to attend a class, contact Leah at media@artofexoticdancing.com.

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