Originators of the Dance Class Phenomenon
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Forget About Your Typical Makeover Show, This is a Makeover From the Inside Out!

First, it was a sellout monthly class at an adult learning center in a sleepy suburb of Philadelphia. Then, in 1999, The Philadelphia Inquirer did a story and today, thousands of women have taken the class, viewed the video and read the book on their own personal journey to self-empowerment and exploration.

The class is based upon the elements of exotic dancing and teaches women the hidden secrets of walking and eye contact, five different fat-burning hip rolls, floorwork, “The Striptease”, and, yet, as every student will tell you, the class teaches much, much more. After all, how many women have ever told you that a class experience transformed their life?

“Through the class, students learn to accept their body image regardless of shape, age or size. Yes, they do learn some sexy dance moves, but what the experience truly teaches them is to feel confident and sensual in their own skin. They discover the beauty that already resides within them and gain the confidence to express it,” said Leah Stauffer, co-creator of the classes, producer of the video series and author of the book. “Most women grow up ashamed of their bodies – scared to strut their stuff so to speak. The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women® shows women how to change long-held attitudes and reclaim their power to feel, to play and to enjoy.”

The students have ranged in age from 28 – 68, all with different reasons for taking the course or buying the video. The diversity of women who sign up for the class represents its mainstream appeal; from breast cancer survivors to housewives to those seeking to overcome earlier trauma. Former students (some of whom are now instructors) share their personal stories on how they spiced up their relationships, overcame inhibitions, improved their self-confidence and self-esteem and developed greater self-expression, on the first video in the series.

Classes are currently available in 25 cities. By the end of 2004, classes will be taught in 55 locations from California to Texas to New York and even overseas in London, England. The opportunity to license the class content in both the United States and the United Kingdom is now available as well as opportunities for instructors.

Added Stauffer, “It is a great workout – you can burn a lot of calories while tightening up abs, hips and thighs. As Deborah Norville noted on Inside Edition – “this is no ordinary aerobics workout.“ The positive response from the “everyday” women taking The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women has led to national and international press including CNN, The View, The Washington Post, New York Post, Inside Edition, Hardcopy, The Associated Press, Amazon, Elle, Entertainment Weekly, The Times, London and recently “O” Magazine and Muscle & Fitness magazine. “

In 2001, Stauffer co-produced the first video/DVD in The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women® video series. Sales have soared and to date, over 100,000 units have been sold and dozens of new orders come in daily. The second in the series, “Develop Your Own Routine” was released in early 2004. In May, 2003 Leah authored “The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women®”, which was released by Carlton Publishing and Andrews McMeel Distributors in the United States and released in the United Kingdom under the title, “Wild Workouts.”

To register for classes, to purchase the videos or the book or simply for more information, call 888.345.6714 or visit artofexoticdancing.com.

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