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Our Stories

Each story is personal but many strike a chord within and often, we hear echoes of the reasons why many women register for the class or buy the book and video. Often, the tales of transformation sound achingly familiar. Here's a few stories of how AOED impacted the student's life.

We'd love to hear your story too - if you'd like to share how The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women® has affected your life, please e-mail us at

Molly, 41

Molly, a stay at home mother of four, took the class with the intention of spicing up her 14-year marriage. “I thought that what I learned in the class would be fun for my husband but it turned out to be a lot more fun for me. The class helped me get over a lot of my insecurities. I learned how to be more confidant and that it’s ok to be sensual and sexy.” Her husband sums it up by saying, “Molly came home from the first class and she was just on cloud nine…I hadn’t seen her this charged since the birth of our first child.”

“My class began by teaching basic dancing moves. It continued with those basics and then the tough stuff started being added like looking at yourself in the mirror and convincing yourself that you are beautiful, sensual and worthy. You’d think it was a simple thing to do but it was the hardest thing I have ever done. By taking the class, I realized what I have is exceptional. I learned whatever I am or have isn’t right or wrong…it’s mine to be celebrated and cherished. We learned to hold our heads high, walk with confidence and with that people would watch us in a new way. Seduction, through dance, is amazingly fun, but we learned that the power of confidence was far more seductive. I am still a wife, I am still a mother but I am better at both because I have started to believe in me.”

Eileen, 62

Artist and teacher Eileen Rosen will tell you, “I come from a long legacy of ‘I’m ugly.’ I’ve had a bad body concept all of my life.” Before her exotic dancing experience, Eileen wasn’t able to see the beauty within her. Articulate and 63 years young, Eileen triumphantly speaks of her transformation. “This was a part of a process, a journey, that I undertook to claim parts of me that had either been buried or I didn’t know I had…to let go of that fear that has been pervasive in my life. I took the class for me! At this age, I wasn’t going to be afraid to show my body.”

Women of all ages, shapes and sizes echo her words throughout the experience. Eileen suggests the reasons for taking the class varies for each woman, but there is a consistent transformation that takes place in the lives of women who could not see their own beauty. “So much of us gets buried and killed off in this culture. It’s not about sex, it’s about something else; an inner power, an inner beauty, and it’s all a part of the journey. I am feeling that feeling for the first time.”

Anne Marie, 56

“I would finish six hours of chemotherapy infusion and drive straight to rehearsal.”

Anne Marie Waxman, an accomplished sales manager, was intrigued by the sensual movements of exotic dancers and signed up when she learned of a class being held near her workplace. “I thought it would be great to dance for a partner if I knew some of the moves. I knew the class would help me move out my comfort zone, to move out of the box I was in. The class was so much fun, a lot of laughs and I left feel pretty sexy. I learned that sensual dance movement is more abut feeling good about myself and giving myself permission to feel pretty and sexy and free to dance to my favorite music all alone in front of my bedroom mirror.”

What Anne Marie didn’t know at the time was that the class would provide her with another life lesson and a valuable release during a very intense period. Eighteen months after she took the class, Anne Marie and other former students were called to audition for the first instructional video in The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women series.

Anne Marie auditioned and got the part overcoming the physical, mental and emotional hurdles associated with her second round of chemotherapy. “Working with Leah and the other women was the best prescription possible. Though I was working full time and undergoing hours of chemotherapy, I looked forward to rehearsals and the filming. I think the impetus for me was that I knew I was involved in a small way with creating something that would help other women feel good about themselves. If I could, I would encourage every woman, no matter what age, what shape, or state of health to watch “The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women” and just try the moves. I bet they would find, as I did, feeling good, feeling confident, and feeling sexy is a good thing.”

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