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From the Desk of The Co-Creator
Ten Years after the first ever Class, I continue to be inspired by the transformation that women experience after just one class; feeling more confident, less inhibited and totally free, regardless of age or size. The icing is feeling beautiful and sensual too. I am so privileged to be able to continue providing these classes for women throughout the country and in Europe and Asia with a team of the most extraordinary Instructors. If you are new to our experiences, Welcome! If you are a regular, thank you for being a part of such an amazing group of women; empowering women of the world, starting with ourselves!
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The Chair Party Rocks Miami!
Renee OConnor, Licensee and Instructor Trainer launched the new Chair Moves Party in Miami to a group of women who were originally inquiring about a Pole Dance Class. Renee enlightened the women on how to use this everyday household item and incorporate it into a visual presentation that left the group wanting more. Everyday Women dont necessarily have a pole in their homes and if the women are not careful, the pole could prove to be a big disaster. Injury and liability along with the fact that it takes incredible strength to hoist yourself up onto the pole are all things that students should consider. Unless you are a fitness competitor, an everyday woman may be lacking the upper body strength to even handle the basic movements. We want women feeling good about their decision to take the workshops, not focusing on all of the moves that they cant do. The 15 women who experienced my Chair Party were really excited that they could now practice their new moves at home!
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The Exotic Sampler is a Hit!
The Exotic Sampler was designed to give women an opportunity to experience some of the highlights of our live Class, Workshop and Special Event offerings. This 90 minute experience has been described as a cross between a class and a party! Learn some of the key dance moves taught throughout the live class offerings, all while in a festive party-like environment.

* Learn some core dance moves & floor moves that will allow you to incorporate them at home to devise your own personal routine.
* Emphasis is on how your OWN body moves learning to love it.
* Empowers you to project confidence, overcome your inhibitions about your own body, attract others to you, gain more confidence than you already have and if you want, create intimacy in your daily life...... Sign up for the Exotic Sampler Here
Instructor Profile of the Month: Kathy Smith
Kathy Smith, Instructor since 2005 from Michigan was a unanimous pick for Instructor of the Month. Kathy demonstrated her dedication to AOED and Women by honoring a last minute request, packing her Overnight Bag and driving 7 hours to Wisconsin to first Teach a Signature Workshop and then a Private Bachlorette party to a group of 14 women. Her willingness to go the extra mile, literally, earns Kathy this month's honors! In addition to her teaching contributions to AOED, Kathy is a stay at home mother of 6 who always can spare some time to be supportive of other women. Kathy is about to begin working for AOED Corporate, helping with Marketing and Promotional Efforts....
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Your Own Private Class Experience for your Group of Girlfriends?
Trying to get your girls to do something fun? How about offering a Private Class Experience for your Group of Girlfriends? Perhaps You’ll Take The Class For Free Just for gathering a group? Call today and set up your own private group. Just organize a group of women and receive discounts for your entire group on all related class and products. Most often, the organizer is receiving a free class just for connecting their girlfriends to this life changing experience. Call us for more details. .... Call 1-866-HIP-ROLL
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