About AOED™

The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women® was first offered in 1998 in Malvern, Pennsylvania, a sleepy suburb of Philadelphia. A feature article in The Philadelphia Inquirer that year provided the initial launch for what has become a multi-national phenomenon.

Since 1998, thousands of women have taken the class or attended or requested a Special Event. Well over 150,000 Instructional DVD’s and books have been sold. The overwhelming amount of daily requests for classes and special events and ongoing extensive media coverage has generated enough support to offer classes and special events throughout The United States and extending globally.

The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women® is the original offering of this genre of dance and fitness for the everyday woman. Many of the local “mom and pop” brands you will find scattered about have trained under The Art of Exotic Dancing. The brand is established and recognized by both the public and the media.

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